G11 low light mode

The Canon G11 not only performs better in relation to noise levels than the G9, but it now includes a new “Low Light Mode”.  Per Canon, “Low Light mode enables photographers to shoot up to ISO 12,800 in reduced 2.5MP resolution at 2.4fps capturing brilliant shots indoors without the need for a flash” The low light mode is set at a 1824×1368 resolution.  This is more than sufficient for up to 5×7” prints and, in some circumstances, 8×10”.

When I first read this in the Canon press release, I initially thought this was just a gimmick that wouldn’t have much use.  After seeing the G11’s stellar performance (for a p&s) at ISO 400-800, I thought I’d give this mode a shot.  I’m very impressed.

  1. No control over ISO levels.  The camera will auto select an ISO for you between 3200 and 12800.
  2. The AF assist lamp is on by default and cannot be deactivated in the mode.
  3. No control over the AF point, the camera will select what it “thinks” you should be focusing on.
  4. ISO 6400 is about the upper limit of being able to print up to 5×7” or 8×10” in this mode.  Anything should be for emergency use only….beyond the emergency use of this mode in the first place.

Overall, I continue to be impressed with the high ISO performance of Canon’s latest G series camera and look forward to thousands and thousands of images with the G11


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