The Move to WordPress from MobileMe as viewed on MobileMe, click image for the full sized version

On December 8, 2009, began the migration to WordPress from Apple’s MobileMe hosting via iWeb. Although, the visual style, ease of drag and drop editing as well as superb integration with the Mac platform were all benefits of using iWeb, its shortcomings were too many to warrant its continued use and expense of hosting.

Why did I choose WordPress for KWAphoto over iWeb?

  1. The ability to create and edit content from and Mac, PC or Linux system. With iWeb, you must have the thick client installed on your Mac.
  2. The ability to create and edit content from my iPhone via WordPress’ iPhone app!
  3. The new format of the site also includes a mobile version for readers using smart phones. iWeb was very unfriendly to smart phones.
  4. WordPress is fully web 2.0 compliant, iWeb is not.
  5. iWeb’s templates, even my trimmed down custom set, are bloated with unnecessary code and, as a result, page load times suffer.  The new format is a lot faster!
  6. No more rendering issues with browsers, the new format is fully compatible with all of the major browsers (Safari, FireFox, Google Chrome and even the “behind the times” MS Internet Explorer).
  7. A real blog vs. the pseudo-blog that iWeb provides.
  8. The new format is search engine friendly
  9. It’s free (a few upgrade features are available for a fee)

I am also planning on migrating off of MobileMe as well and over to WordPress or possibly Google Sites since it will not require a blog, but will act as more of a portal.  The migration of will take approximately 1-2 weeks to complete, in the meantime, both will be online and available.  Once fully migrated over to WordPress,’s domain will point to this location.  The old MobileMe version will still be online, in an archival status, until May of 2010 with a redirect to the new location.

The photo galleries hosted by MobileMe for my private users (password protected) are still online and will remain in their current state until May of 2010.  The full photo galleries will be moving to Zenfolio as they are now partners with the pro photo lab I use for a majority of my printing.


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