The migration to Zenfolio: status update

As I noted here, there were various reasons for the move away from MobileMe to WordPress.  The gallery functionality of MobileMe was not one of them.  It was fully integrated with Apple’s Aperture and was a pleasure to use.  It is visually a class act and is a pleasure to use.  However, since the plan is to move from MobileMe, that means I must find a new photo hosting site as well.

In general, I am wary of anyone offering to host your photos for “free”.  Zenfolio does charge for their service, but it is very reasonable and comes with unlimited storage (much better than MobileMe in that regard).  This will allow me to store my entire photo library offsite for disaster recovery as well – a fantastic feature!

As of today, I’ve uploaded approximately 5,000 images during my 14 day trial via a plug-in for Adobe’s LightRoom 2 (I am moving from Apple’s Aperture).  Other than a few dropped connections, it has been very smooth and so far I’m thrilled.  The level of access control for images at Zenfolio is superb.  It offers granular control individual images as well as macro control of galleries and my archives.  I’ll get into the details in a later post.  Tonight and though 12/31, I’ll be testing security settings and other options in order to fine tune the gallery for use here at KWAphoto.  Once I have some public galleries in place at Zenfolio, I’ll add the link to this site and it will officially be open! ETA 01/10/10.


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