Last week, Ken Rockwell wrote a great article regarding simplicity in photography and with your gear. This concept is very similar to what I’ve been experiencing with the Canon G11 and its simplicity vs. my DSLRs.  Here is a brief excerpt (the introduction) and a link to Ken Rockwell’s article:

Simplicity is the most important concept in photography.Simple ideas are stronger. Expressing them more simply makes them clearer. Simple composition delivers these ideas more strongly. This all leads to better, stronger images that sell better, get more ooohs and aahs at showings, and win more photo contests.

This article deals with a less well-known, and at least as important, concept that the simpler your camera equipment, and the less you take with you, the better your pictures will turn out. This article discusses simplicity of equipment. We’ll cover simplicity of ideas and presentation some other day.


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