“A Crazy Idea”

I stumbled across this blog post by David duChemin while reading the forums over at fourthirdsphoto.com.  It’s right in line with what I’ve been saying about simplicity and your photo gear over the past year.  Focus on the photo, not the gear.  Acquisition of new cameras and lenses too often becomes the focus of “photography” – to the detriment of the final image. Here is a brief excerpt from the blog and a link to finish reading the post.  Enjoy!

Months ago I published TEN, Ten Ways To Improve Your Craft, None of Them Involve Buying Gear. It was, and still is a best-seller. But I should have done two things.

1. I should have come up with a shorter subtitle.

2. I should have prefaced it with an even shorter eBook. I here present the proposed content.

Proposed Title: ONE, One Way To Improve Your Craft Without Buying Gear.

Proposed Content: Stop buying gear.

That’s it. And as I don’t know anyone willing to shell out $5 for this advice, I’m just giving it away. Want more? Here’s the expanded content: The single best thing you can do for your photography in the broadest strokes, is to stop buying gear. Stop it. Stop looking at the catalogs. Stop reading the reviews. Just, for the love of Diane Arbus, stop it.



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