A Look Back, Memorial Day 2001

CLICK on the image for a larger view


Over the years, I’ve taken many images of the ceremonies surrounding Memorial Day. This image has always been the one I am most pleased with for a variety of reasons. Of course, the most important aspect of the image is that of the emotion of the day and the meaning behind it. From a photography perspective, once again, it reinforces the concept that it’s not your camera that is the reason you are able to capture the image. If you haven’t read the first post of this blog, please follow the previous link. Certainly, the right tool for the job makes it a lot easier – no question. Today, the camera I most likely would have taken would be the Fuji X100 – a truly outstanding camera!

This image was captured using a Canon A2 SLR with what was most likely Fuji Neopan 400 film. (a favorite of mine). If I remember correctly, the lens was a Tamron 75-300mm f/3.5-5.6 lens with the outside chance that it may have been a Sigma 70-200 f/2.8.


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