“If only I had that new camera or lens…”

We’ve all found ourselves, at one time or another, longing for a new piece of gear – thinking it will somehow be the cure to all that ails our photography.  The answer, of course, must be the gear.  It can’t be me, can it?  Nah, I need that camera that shoots up to stratospheric ISO levels or that f/0.95 lens!  Wow!

Over the past couple of years, I’ve posted several times regarding the fact that gear does not make the photographer and that “minimal gear” photography is a viable option for most of us. Posts such as “Go out and shoot!“, “It’s not the camera…it’s you!” and “Dachau Germany…light travel” are such examples. Yet, like many of you, I have still strayed and fallen into the ever present and enticing trap of gear acquisition.

While browsing photography news on the wonderful iPhone app Zite, I stumbled upon a great post from FlixelPix with the title of “My Photography would be so much better if I just had…” I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you all to visit FlixelPix and read this post if you have ever spent too much time thinking about gear vs. spending time on actually creating images.  Here are couple of brief excerpts from the post.

I’ve made a fundamental mistake. I knew there was a risk of it happening but it crept up slowly and without notice. Slowly I’ve traded studying the craft of photography with studying the equipment and technology…

…A year ago my RSS reader was predominantly the feeds of photographers studying their craft and mastering the art of photography yet in just over twelve months these websites had been overcome by blogs and feeds focused on reviews and the technical aspects of photography…

…As photographers we should be consuming our craft not our technology. The “my photography would be so much better if I just had….” thought process is simply the road to misery, it will have very little impact on the quality of our images and it offers little satisfaction.

READ MORE at FlixelPix


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