Fuji Camera Repair Service – X10 blooming issue

This is just a quick post related to the previous poll about the Fuji X10 sensor replacement poll.  If you are not familiar with the reason for the replacement, the otherwise excellent sensor suffered from pretty extreme “sensor blooming” under certain shooting conditions with highlights.  The result was an unnatural “white dot” / “orbs” in place of what should have been nice specular highlights.

For more info, read these two articles or just do a web search.




I did have the issue, it was rarely noticed but when it happened it was unacceptable.  I sent my X10 in for repair last week and it arrived on late Thursday afternoon. By the next day, Fuji had evaluated the sensor and promptly had a brand new X10 (link to purchase from Adorama) with the new sensor in the mail back to me.  It arrived today (Tuesday).  I have yet to put it through it’s paces, but by looking at the results of the poll.  I’m confident the issue should be resolved.  Fuji’s quick turn around time and just replacing the camera with a new one is beyond expectations.

I’ll post some sample images that would have produced blooming when I get a chance.


One response to “Fuji Camera Repair Service – X10 blooming issue

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