Neu Schwanstein – Bavaria, Germany

The Photography of Ken W. Andrews is presented here for your enjoyment and viewing. KWAphoto is not a photography studio and does not accept nor solicit weddings at this time. Ken is available on a limited basis for editorial, documentary and other artistic and journalistic endeavors.

This site is my attempt to bring an enthusiast photographer’s viewpoint and real world experience to forefront. Yes, there are a lot of photography related websites and blogs on the internet. However, It seems a vast majority are focused on in-depth and technical gear reviews by professional writers or, more often than not, by people who cannot write a coherent sentence.   Others are dominated by people who just want to pick up a camera and point and shoot.  This will not be for either dominant category.

Over time, I will be offering some hands on reviews of photography gear that I currently own or have owned in the past.  My reviews are not, and will never be, based on “previews” written by someone else, by handling a camera in a store or by merely reading about it in an online forum like a “net ninja”.  The goal is to impart what it is like to live with a particular camera over a period time – not rush a review out a day or two after it’s released.  This means they won’t be filled with all the technical specifications and images of the gear itself – you can find that elsewhere (I’ll probably just link to it for you).  It may also mean that the reviews may be on the “lagging edge” of technology – where the real value is. What you will find are images taken with the gear, comments on its usage, limitations, value, etc. I will also state my opinion, but not review, other cameras as they catch my interest.

Thank you for visiting!